The Veal Burger from "Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli" is prepared with meat from calves born, reared and selected in Italy by Gruppo Vercelli.  A meat that offers nutritional and organoleptic quality at the highest level. The excellence of our Hamburger is assured starting from the breeding that takes place in facilities managed directly by the Group. Gruppo Vercelli, engaged in a continuous innovation, aims to constantly improve the quality of its products through the introduction of advanced materials and systems. For the launch of the new Hamburger range, Vercelli has once again chosen the path of innovation, adopting the skin pack. With a surprising second skin, the skin pack maintains the freshness of the meat and that is how we guarantee the tenderness, taste and safety of our burger with a shelf-life of 21 days. In addition, since the target of celiac is constantly growing and the number of consumers who choose products without gluten within their diet is increasing, we decided to only use gluten-free ingredients.  VALUE PROPOSITION FOOD SAFETY: - Consistent quality - Easy to check pack integrity - Full system approach including applications, engineering and hygiene - Reduced aerobic bacteria growth Odour-free: effective barrier and tight vacuum seal keep odours from escaping SHELF LIFE EXTENSION: - Shelf life extension thanks to the vacuum skin process - Reduction of food spoilage and/or waste - Reduction of drip loss - Optimized sustainable offer with zero or minimal scrap and reduced packaging volume - No freezer burn: full protection for frozen applications BRAND BUILDING: - Striking 3D presentation: second-skin effect gives a high-quality premium look.  - Vertical display  - Easy opening for consumer convenience.  - Printing and design opportunities for appealing packs on retail shelves and new merchandising possibilities.  SUSTAINABILITY - Continuous improvement in packaging weight reduction.