An expert jury will judge the products in the competition.

The jury has been chosen ad hoc for every single category.



IRI, world leader in market information for the CPG, Retail, and Shopper industries, will analyse the nominated products taking into consideration the increase in sales revenue over the past year (Jan 2106-Jan 2017).



Ethica, is a consulting and market research company specialising in market communication analysis. It is also the founder of Italy’s first OBSERVATORY OF TV COMMERCIALS. It has developed its own forms to assess content and sensitivity perceived by the market, as well as brand personality profiling and psychometric analysis forms to provide indications that help produce effective and sharp communication in tune with the reference target.



Qualivita, is a foundation committed to protecting and enhancing the value of quality agrofood products. The Foundation recognizes the excellence of the GI model and its importance for production areas, and promotes it at international level. In the more general framework of the GI system, Qualivita recognizes the originality and specificity of the European PDO, PGI, TSG model governed by EU Regulations, and pays particular attention to its evolution.



Giovanni Brunazzi  is a professor of design, communication, and package design at the Masters in Packaging at the University of Parma. He is also the author of several books on corporate image, visual identity, and advertising. He has been collaborating with Mark up since 2015, writing articles on packaging design and communication.



Ipsos, has been a leading company for forty years. It specialises in marketing research through proprietary tools validated on an international scale. They have been present in 87 countries since 2014 with a solid brand and unique experiences through divisions and dedicated teams.



Francesco Morace, a sociologist and essayist. Works as a professor of Social Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano and a professor of Culture & Lifestyle in the sociology department of the Università di Trento.