TUTTOFOOD Awards #atuttobrand 2017



1. Organising Subject

GDOWEEK and MARK UP, on the occasion of TUTTOFOOD Exhibition (Milan May 8th to 11th 2017), organise ‘#atuttobrand 2017’ awards, dedicated to the culinary excellence products proposed by the Exhibitors.


2. Period of duration and participants

‘#atuttobrand 2017’ awards are open to all food and beverage exhibitors, specifically in the following major categories:

• fresh products

• packaged products

• confectionery

• alcoholic drinks and spirits


•frozen foods

Product and projects proposed by Companies that bought a space at the Fair, filled out the registration form to the prizes, and sent the material required within the time limits specified for each prize are allowed.

There are six prizes, where each exhibitor can submit his or her own product or project:

1) product with a strong increase in sales in the last year

2) best communication campaign

3) certified quality

4) best packaging

5) product innovation

6) corporate social responsibility


The winners of the six awards will arise from ranks determined by the votes expressed by juries composed by experts, sales performance, or a survey concerning consumers.

For each theme, three winners will be selected: the first one will be awarded, and the candidates who will rank both second and third will receive a special mention.

The awards ceremony will take place on May 9th. Place and time of the award ceremony will be communicated later.


3. Rules of participation

Under penalty of exclusion, the requests to participate must be properly completed in all respects and must be sent STRICTLY WITHIN THE TIME SPECIFIED IN EACH PRIZE and in the manner specified in the form.

Is possible to apply up to a maximum of three products for single category.

Each exhibitor can nominate products that are present in Italian retail chains.


4. Preliminary control and selection of finalist products

The organisational secretariat will carry out a preliminary check of the received candidacies, in order to verify compliance with the requirements of the products and rules of participation.

The candidate products will be submitted to the judgment of the jury, and this decision will be incontestable and final.


5. Juries and selection of the products that will be awarded

All products admitted to the final stage will be evaluated by juries with a vote that will remain secret in the interest of the participating exhibitors.

The award results will be published on www.tuttofood.it, on the site reserved to awards http://atuttobrand.tuttofood.it), on GDOWEEK No. 9 of May 24th, and issued by the press releases related to the event.


6. Content and juries for the awards

1. #atuttocarrello: products with a strong increase in sales in the last year

Companies can nominate for #atuttocarrello award a product that in the last year had good sales performance. It is essential that candidate products have been on sale in Italian retail trade since January 2016.



JURY: IRI, a world leader in market information for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Retail and Shopper, will analyse the nominated products, taking into consideration the increase in sales revenue last year (January 2106-January 2017).


2. #atuttospot: best advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns on the following media are eligible to participate:

1) TV commercials

2) consumer and trade press

3) billboards

5) cultural, public-social, sporting sponsorships...

6) social campaigns

Each campaign will be evaluated from a creative point of view; presentation of the communication strategy (Copy Strategy) will be another important element in the assessment. It must contain the key elements transmitted to the consumer, stated objectives, and different stages necessary for achieving them.

Both projects and campaigns transmitted or published from June 2015 to February 2017 shall be eligible for participation.



JURY: Ethica, consulting and market research Society specialized in analysis of market communication, also founder of the first ITALIAN OBSERVATORY OF TV COMMERCIALS. It also developed its own models of evaluation concerning both content and emotion perceived by the market, profiling of personality expressed by the brand, psychometric analysis, in order to provide indications to achieve effective and incisive communications, well-tuned to one’s target audience.


3. # atuttaqualità: quality certification

The great heritage of local products is enhanced with different quality brands, known and shared at both Italian and European level: the pursuit of excellence also involves certifications aimed at improving the aspects related to quality, traceability, control, and Safety Production Process.

The certifications admitted to the award are:




Guarantee of origin, CGDO, IGT (wine only)

Candidacies of products certified between June 2015 and February 2017 are eligible.



JURY: Qualivita, Foundation for both protection and enhancement of quality food products. The Foundation recognises the virtuosity of IG model and its importance for the territories where the products are produced, promoting them at the international level. In the more general framework of GI system, it recognises the originality and specificity of the European model of PDO, PGI, TSG governed by EU Regulation and pays particular attention to its evolution.


4. #atuttopack: innovation in packaging

The evolution of packaging goes hand in hand with the evolution of industrial world, consumption, operational and logistical systems of the companies and growing attention to the environment.

Therefore, the award intends to evaluate design quality of the packaging, in its communicative and functional dimensions, with great attention to explanatory material towards both final customers and environmental sustainability.

Candidacies of products put on the market between June 2015 and February 2017 are eligible.



JURY: Giovanni Brunazzi, professor of design and communication and in Package Design at the master in Packaging, University of Parma. He is the author of volumes about corporate image, visual identity design, and advertising. Since 2015 he has collaborated with Mark Up, with articles concerning packaging design and its communication.


5. #atuttainnovazione: product innovation

The award wants to recognise value to companies that created a new product or improved an already existing product. The product must meet customers’ new requirements as for qualitative aspect, technology or performance. Particular attention will be paid to products that allow opening new markets.

Candidacies of products put on the market between October 2016 and March 2017 are eligible.



JURY: IPSOS, for forty years a leading Company in Italy in the domain of marketing research services, through proprietary tools validated internationally. It has been present since 2014 in 87 Countries, with strong global brand, with unique positioning of specific experiences, through dedicated divisions and teams.


6. # atuttaresponsabilità: sustainability

The award wants to recognise, signal and acknowledge the efforts that businesses are demonstrating through concrete initiatives concerning ‘sustainable development’, therefore aimed at improving quality of life, environment, employment, social and cultural relations.

The prize will be awarded to Companies that have distinguished themselves, in the last two years, in the following activities:

1- Industrial Processes and supply chain

2- Greening

3- Territory-communities

4- Education  

5- Work

6- Health, minorities, and society

7- Southern Hemisphere



JURY: Francesco Morace, Professor of Social Innovation at the Polytechnic of Milan and Culture & Lifestyle at the Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento. Francesco Morace, sociologist and essayist, has been working for more than 30 years in the domain of social research.


7. Awards

A plaque and the opportunity to use the #atuttobrand logo will be awarded to the Exhibitors ranked first.